Adding Amazon Account

To use Salestio — Amazon Integration you need to add your Amazon account to the app.

Salestio gives you the possibility to add more than one Amazon account. So if you have more than one Amazon account, you can add and use them both.

To use Salestio, you need to have a Professional Amazon account.

Here is a short video with the steps

To add your account, please follow the steps.

Navigate to the Amazon account section inside the application and click the 'Add Account' button.

Give a name to your account in Salestio. It will be displayed inside Salestio so that you could easily distinguish between the accounts in case you add multiple accounts.

  1.  Select the Region, and check the connected marketplaces. Make sure to check only those marketplaces that are activated in your Seller Central. Otherwise, it might generate errors in the future.
  2. Make sure to check and read our data protection policy and click the “Add Account” button.
  3. In the next step, you will be redirected to your Seller Central account to confirm Salestio permissions. Review and confirm.

  4. Go back to Salestio and click the Ok button to confirm the account addition.

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